Private Sale

ESCS Tokens are here!

Total amount ESCS 5.000.000 ESCS available for private sale.

Private sale price per token:  $0.010
Est. listing price per token: $0.017

Transfer funds ONLY to the below addresses.*
$2.000 USD = est. 200.000 tokens**

Minimum buy $1.000 USD (1k)

BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
(click code to copy)
We only accept: BNB, USDT

ETH (Ethereum Chain)
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We only accept: ETH, USDT

*IMPORTANT! Fill in the form below!
Otherwise we do not know to which BSC address we can send your tokens! And you might risk losing your funds.

    **The exact amount of tokens that you will receive can be different. The private sale price and the listing price will remain the same.