EscaSafe, world's first crypto escrow service. Trade any tokens safely without the risk of losing funds. Truly secure person to person transfers with an easy to use dApp.

EscaSafe Escrow

World's First

Crypto Escrow

EscaSafe Crypto Escrow

Do you want to make a crypto token trade with someone?
How sure are you that once you transfer your funds, they will do the same?
You don't! Always use an escrow service. Use EscaSafe
How does it work?

1. Create Escrow

Start an crypto escrow with setting your own conditions (token VS token). It will be locked in a secure safe.

2. Transfer Tokens

Transfer the crypto tokens into the newly created escrow safe to ensure the funds are secured.

3. Share Safe ID

Share your Safe ID with the other person. With this Safe ID they will be able to send their tokens to the safe.

4. Release Funds

Once both parties have send their tokens to the safe EscaSafe will check conditions and then the tokens will be released.

5. Done!

The tokens will be automatically transferred to your wallet once the funds are released.

6. $ESCS Token

The $ESCS token will be a utility token that we'll use within our infrastructure.

EscaSafe offers protection

With EscaSafe you can safely transfer your tokens Person to Person (P2P) without the risk of losing funds. All transfers are made through our crypto escrow service to assure the safe transfer of tokens.

Can you always be sure that the person you want to trade with is trustworthy? You can’t! Always use an EscaSafe crypto escrow to ensure you won’t lose any funds.

We offer a secure transfer method for both buyer and seller that the trade will be done according to the conditions they agreed on.



Crosschain liquidity
Presale (IDO)
Marketing phase 1
Initial liquidity (locked: 1 year)
Marketing phase 2 (locked: 6 months)
Marketing phase 3 (locked: 1.5 year)
Team & Advisors
Private Sale (Vesting periods)

Easy to use

Seamless design for the best user experience. Easy to use browser app (dApp) which connects to metamask to create crypto escrows.

4 step interface

We hold great value to this 4-step-interface. All functions are designed to do everything within 4 steps. Multiple experienced UX/UI designers are working within our project to give our users the best experience.

Our Team

Our team consists of very experienced and talented people with a full dedication to EscaSafe. We are a diverse international team from The Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Spain. Each one of them with their own expertise, all of them share a winners mentality to ensure that EscaSafe get where it needs to be. Besides our core team, we work with several advisors.


Started his carreer as a designer, developer and programmer. Gained extensive knowledge in doing business and built some very worldwide known companies. As a General manager, company owner, patent holder, brand & ecommerce specialist he has helped a lot companies grew immensely. Over 17 years of experience and entered crypto space since 2013. With this skill set he will lead EscaSafe to become market leader in their category.

Quote: “If you can share, you can multiply”

Creative Director

From a young age, he has combined creativity with entrepreneurship. Someone who understands the big risk and yet takes the initiative to turn his unique idea into a reality. Within his role as highly driven project manager and troubleshooter. The person to go to when everythigs is a mess. A real builder with years of experience within various fields. In 2014 my passion for the Blockchain was born and since then I have been involved in multiple projects.

Quote: “I can always improve”

Product Owner / Project Manager

Owned and sold his first webshop when only 17 years old. Worked for 6+ years as a product owner in the online payments industry at several payment service providers. Managed and coordinated the development of backoffice, mobile apps, SDK’s, integrated numerous payment gateways and much more! The perfect guy for EscaSafe to bring its vision to live and execute to perfection!

Quote: “Nothing changes if you change nothing”

Community Manager

Entrepreneur – Salesrep- Publisher – connector and Freelance moderator he makes sure that the community is stable. With a technical background in IT networks and strategical planning he will bring his experience knowledge and thoughts to the table, because…

Quote: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

Head of design

Freelance animator, graphic designer and corporate illustrator with over a decade of industry experience. Currently a full time animator (2D motion design specialist)
Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Experience in conceptual thinking and methods of corporate storytelling and narrative.

Quote: “Good design is simple, which is why it’s so complicated”

Online Specialist

With that saying, she always strives to become the best at what she is doing. With over 10 years experience in online marketing EscaSafe is proud to have such a member on board. A real online specialist. Conversion rate optimalisation, seo, customer journey optimalisation, advertising, social, strategic marketing, category management and much more skills to ensure that EscaSafe will reach a higher level.

Quote: “Failure is a choice”

The Professor

Distributed ledger researcher, DeFi and digital identity specialist IT and mathematics background, system thinker, expert in Layer1 and Layer2 architectures and researcher of the cryptoage.

Quote: “By mixing decentralized concepts you get the best cocktails, get it”


Website launch ✓
Set up socials ✓
Setting up token contract ✓
○ Private Sale to community members Ending soon
○ Presale on launchpad
○ Initial marketing
○ Listing on CG & CMC

○ Strategic sale
○ Token launch on BSC – Pancakeswap
○ Heavy marketing
○ Influencer campaign
○ Mystery Guest
○ Contract Audit (Certik)
○ Community Reward Program

○ Get listed on multiple DEX (BSC)
○ Community reward payout
○ Token launch on ETH – Uniswap
○ Provide liquidity to Uniswap
○ Release Beta EscaSafe connected to Metamask (dApp)
○ Team Doxxed
○ Bounty Program
○ Implementing crosschain bridge BSC – ETH

○ Get listed on multiple DEX (ETH)
○ Final release EscaSafe dApp
○ Community Marketplace
○ Targeted marketing
○ Developement iOS and Android app
○ e-Commerce & Marketplace developement
○ $ESCS wallet release

○ NFT trading integration (opensea)
○ FIAT Trade options, bank transfer, creditcard, paypal
○ e-Commerce integration (Salesforce, Shopify, Magento)
○ Marketplace integration (eBay, Amazon)
○ Beta release iOS/Android app
○ Apply Apple IOS app to app store
○ CEX listing

○ Add more chains
○ Domain services (Namecheap, GoDaddy)
○ Product integration Brand Partnerships
○ Vehicle integration

○ Launch of ESCA Mainnet